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SUMMER 2016: "Crooked Axis"

Cover, Summer 2016 issue

The Summer 2016 issue, "Crooked Axis," is available now.

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With poems by Gina Valdés, Sue Hyon Bae, Paakhi Bhatnagar, Wei Huan translated by Liang Yujing, Ray Skjelbred, Penelope Schott, Sanjeev Sethi, Ellie O'Leary, Darren Demaree, William Derge, Timothy Robbins, Melinda Palacio, Orooj-e-Zafar, James K. Zimmerman, and others.

Cover image: Lola and Petunias by Lynn Hoffman.

Artwork and Photos by Lynn Hoffman, Kathleen Gunton, Michael Burgholzer, Allen Forrest, Bria Groeller, Lance Nizami, William Crawford, Paul Rousseau,and Stephanie Trott.

Books reviewed:

Moira Richards: What Can I Tell You and Retrievals by Ruth Moon Kempher

Valerie Lawson: Queer Heartache by Kit Yan

Michael Brown: The Pond in Room 318 by Kip Zegers and the poets of Argus,
Teacher, I Honor You: Poems Honoring Young People, Parents and Teachers by Helene McGlauflin,
and Bali Poems by Douglas Cole


Aminu Aliyu wishes to die and write at the twilight of hell.

Joel Allegretti, author of five collections, is the editor of Rabbit Ears (NYQ Books, 2015), the first anthology of poetry about television.

Sarah Anderson, MFA from Warren Wilson, teaches at Phillips Exeter Academy.

Alison Angell, a Master of Letters from St. Andrews, Scotland, works as a marketing manager in publishing.

Jacob M. Appel's most recent short story collection is Coulrophobia & Fata Morgana (Black Lawrence Press, 2016). He practices medicine in New York City


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