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Before banks give you a loan approval, they get a credit report . They expect information about how “risky” it is in your case to grant a loan. If you have always paid all the bills on time and only positive things about you are saved in the credit report, the bank will be happy to give you a loan – at particularly low interest rates. From the point of view of the financial institutions, there is a higher “risk” if negative information about you is noted in the credit report. Then you either have to live with higher interest rates – or you may not get a loan at all. See of critique.

If the credit report mentioned, you almost always means the Credit bureau in the field of personal loans. The company based in Wiesbaden is the clear market leader in the evaluation of credit risks. It is not without reason that the term “Credit bureau clause” has been established for the small print under the credit request. With your signature, you confirm that the bank can call up the information stored about you from Credit bureau.

This is how the credit report works

This is how the credit report works

The credit report has saved hundreds of millions of records. There are entries for almost every consumer in Germany. For example, loans and leasing transactions, installment payment agreements and account openings are saved. It also notes whether you pay your loan installments on time or whether there are difficulties in repaying loans. The credit report calculates a so-called score value from these and other factors.

The problem: No one really knows except the information itself how the valuation, which is so important for the loan, comes about. That is why, as a consumer, you have only a very limited opportunity to improve your score.

It can happen that the credit report gives you a negative rating without ever knowing why. So you don’t know what you would have to do to increase your value. Although the creditworthiness of large banks mainly depends on the credit report, Credit bureau does not provide you with the most important information.

What the information means for your credit

What the information means for your credit

Large banks are examining credit inquiries en masse in so-called “credit factories”. Computers determine whether you are welcome as a loan customer or not. A very important criterion is the Credit bureau score. If you want to take out a loan now or in the future, your rating through the credit report is very important.

Bad information, no credit?

Bad information, no credit?

If your score is too bad or if there are too many negative characteristics stored in the credit report, this means nothing good for your credit opportunities. You have to expect a very fast cancellation and in many cases you won’t even get a reason for it. This can even happen to you at your house bank, which you as a customer may have been loyal to for many years.

With bad information about your credit behavior, you will find practically no lender among the big banks. However, the negative rating does not mean that you have to say goodbye to your loan request. Good lender can also help you in difficult situations – regardless of the credit report.

Fast cash with negative credit reports

Fast cash with negative credit reports

Good lender has been helping people like you find cheap credit for more than 40 years. Very often, the credit report believes that prospective buyers are not creditworthy – although in reality their income would easily be enough to obtain a loan.

This gap is closed by innovative banks from Germany and abroad, which do not cling to the information provided in the credit report when checking loan requests. Rather, you get your own picture and let the factors that really matter flow into your decision – your current income, for example.

It has even happened to millionaires that they were suddenly considered “not creditworthy” due to poor credit reports. If the same thing happens to you, you are in good company.

Our tip: If your house bank doesn’t want to lend you money, don’t let your head hang. There are enough alternative lenders who can help you quickly and cheaply even with negative credit reports.

Mortgage loan or cash loan?

At least one credit obligation is already held by every second adult Pole. The popularity of such products that are offered by commercial banks operating in our country is the result of not only growing financial needs. It turns out that Polish society is enriching, thanks to which we demonstrate proper creditworthiness and we can afford regular repayment of monthly installments.

It is worth emphasizing that the banks themselves consider as reliable customers. Looking at the inhabitants of the entire European Union, we are the most solvent. What’s more, we are still ashamed of our debts, which is why we only incur obligations that we are able to pay on time. Given the debt, we have far fewer than Germany or the Dutch. This fact means that institutions offer us various types of loans on really attractive terms.

Cash loans for any purpose, special purpose loans, and mortgage loans are most popular today. It is worth knowing their detailed characteristics to choose the best commitment, taking into account individual needs, expectations, but also financial possibilities.

Cash loan – a compendium of knowledge

money and cash

A cash loan for any purpose is the most frequently incurred commitment. Virtually every bank that operates in our country offers them. This commitment is given on flexible terms. This means that it is the borrower who determines the value of the financial support he wants to apply for and the duration of the loan agreement.

An important advantage of loans for any purpose is that the borrower can receive the funds obtained from the bank in any way. Most often, such liability is shared, and part of the money is transferred, for example, to repay overdue liabilities, while the remaining funds allow achieving the goals set by the borrower. A

cash loan for any purpose can finance the purchase of a car, renovation of an apartment, purchase of refresher courses or purchase of a dream vacation. There is also no doubt that a loan for any purpose patches a hole in your home budget or is useful in situations of unplanned expenses. It is worth emphasizing that this type of commitment is given with a minimum of formalities, quickly and efficiently.

A further loan is another commitment often used by Poles in cooperation with Alcesteymi institutions. This usually shows slightly better conditions than a loan for any purpose, but it should be noted that it also involves a number of restrictions that the borrower must meet. First of all, the purpose of applying for financial support should be indicated (a special purpose loan may be a mortgage). Most often it is a commitment taken to buy a car, carry out renovation works, buy furniture or household appliances, electronics.

In fact, banks are now offering specific loans in line with the needs of potential customers. The only thing is that the borrower must certify the purchase of the product or service he indicated in the loan application. Increasingly, special-purpose loan funds do not go to the borrower’s account at all but are immediately transferred to the seller.

The bank’s customer is obliged to pay monthly installments. It should be emphasized that, although the limitation, in this case, is the need to indicate the purpose and document the purchase by presenting an invoice, receipt, invoice or sale/purchase agreement, many borrowers choose a special purpose loan.

Banks, by gaining better security in the event of their client’s insolvency, already offer better conditions for such a commitment at the outset. A special-purpose loan is usually simply cheaper than a cash loan for any purpose.

Let us remember that regardless of the choice of credit obligation, each commercial bank operating in Poland requires from its future clients:

  • specific creditworthiness, which is analyzed taking into account the monthly generated income,
  • positive credit history, which indicates the behavior of the potential borrower in relation to the repayment of previous liabilities,
  • correctly completed loan application – today many banks provide applications in electronic form so that the loan can be taken without leaving home.

WARNING! Each bank has its own credit policy, which is why each institution of this type offers different credit conditions. Before applying for a loan, you should check the offers of at least several banks. For this purpose, not only loan calculators are ideal, thanks to which you can calculate the total costs of such obligations, but also rankings that list the main variants of loans and allow you to assess their attractiveness to the needs of individual customers.

Mortgage – everything you should know about him

Mortgage - everything you should know about him

Another obligation, which Poles still apply for in mass, is a mortgage. Although real estate experts confirm that more and more real estate is purchased for cash, the banks themselves do not show a decrease in the number of mortgage loans. It is this commitment that allows you to obtain the financial support necessary to implement investments in your own “M”.

All banks that offer a mortgage must act in accordance with applicable Alcestee law and the so-called Recommendation S. This indicates the conditions and restrictions that must be applied when granting such an obligation. Pursuant to Recommendation S, a mortgage cannot be granted today for 100% of the property value.

The borrower is required to contribute at least 20% of the own contribution. It is worth noting, however, that own contribution does not have to have the form of cash. For those borrowers who do not have such funds, banks offer so-called low own contribution. This can be reduced by purchasing additional Alcesteych products, including a paid Alcestee account, or borrower’s life insurance or property insurance. It should also be mentioned that the own contribution in addition to cash can be expressed as:

A mortgage can be taken for up to 35 years, and its value is on average USD 300,000. It is no wonder that banks require additional collateral in order to minimize credit risk, i.e. the potential insolvency of their client.

Each institution also verifies the creditworthiness of the potential borrower – first of all, the value of earned income and the basis for their generation are taken into account (people working under an employment contract of indefinite duration have the best chance of receiving such an obligation, but some banks also accept commission contracts and running their own business economic); also takes into account your credit history.

If a person who wants to receive financial support for the purchase of the real estate, does not have sufficient creditworthiness, he can take out a mortgage with a third party. Most often, the co-borrower is a spouse, partner or close family member. The mortgage loan process can take up to several months.

What should you choose – cash loan or mortgage?

What should you choose - cash loan or mortgage?

A better loan commitment cannot be clearly identified. Cash loans and mortgages are two different products offered by Alcestee institutions that enjoy the interest of two different groups of potential clients.

A standard cash loan is taken for a shorter time and a lower value

Its provision involves simpler procedures, although banks verify creditworthiness each time. A characteristic feature of such an obligation is also any purpose, and in most cases, the funds obtained can be freely disposed of. Banks also do not require additional collateral.

It is completely different in the case of a mortgage. If such a commitment is given, the funds do not go to the borrower’s account but are automatically transferred to the seller of the property. Such a loan also requires additional security, and most often it is a mortgage entry. Borrowers are also required to make a down payment and although it can be made in various forms, it often becomes a heavy burden for future bank customers.

If you are looking for financial support for buying an apartment, then a mortgage is the optimal solution. Cash loans will be useful to meet other needs, not always the priority ones. The fact that the borrower receives funds means that he can allocate them for any purpose. In the case of a mortgage, one can only talk about buying real estate, both from the primary and secondary markets. Therefore, the choice of a specific liability depends on the individual needs of future borrowers.

Retirement Loan: Home finance plus insurance

The decision to build or buy property is one of the most important in life – and one of the most expensive. Future homeowners are therefore not only recommended to rely on care and expert advice when choosing home finance, but also to make provisions for emergencies. For this purpose, some providers offer a so-called retirement loan, i.e. a combination of building finance and insurance. But is this combination product really worth it?

What is a retirement loan?

What is a retirement loan?

The core of the pension loan is construction finance, which can be adapted very flexibly to the wishes of the interested party. When the interest rate is fixed on the loan, for example, terms of up to 30 years are possible. Interested parties can also choose between two options for the repayment options. On the one hand, a repayment rate of 1 to 10 percent with the option of a special repayment of up to 5 percent per year can be selected. On the other hand, a repayment rate of 1 to 5 percent with a special repayment of 10 percent per year is possible. The following applies to both variants: During the fixed interest period, the repayment rate can be adjusted five times in the selected repayment area without an additional fee.

So far, the pension loan is not a special feature, since the conditions just described can also be negotiated for mortgage loans from other providers. What is special about the retirement loan are two other components that are intended to secure the borrower and his mortgage financing in an emergency.

  • There would be integrated unemployment insurance : in the event of operational – i.e. not self-inflicted – unemployment, the interest payment on the building loan and 1 percent of the repayment will be borne by the provider. Important: The provider only takes over this service for 12 months. If the borrower is still without a job after one year, he still has to pay interest and repayments independently.

  • The second integrated benefit in the pension loan is death protection. If a borrower dies, the provider again pays the interest plus 1 percent of the repayment. This service is not limited in time, but limited to a sum of up to 30,000 USD.

Advantages and disadvantages of a pension loan

Advantages and disadvantages of a pension loan

The retirement loan advertises with its flexibility. In fact, it offers a fixed interest rate of up to 30 years on request, but is no exception with this option. Many other providers of mortgage lending also offer this option. The Wolfdietrich experts point out a rule of thumb here: the longer the fixed interest period, the higher the interest rate – i.e. the cost of the loan. This will apply to the retirement loan as well as to any other construction loan.

The flexibility of the repayment options must be assessed in the same way. The possibility of changing the repayment in the course of the fixed interest period can prove to be useful if, for example, the borrower’s professional situation changes and the repayment is to be adjusted to the new salary. The option of special repayment can also be useful if, for example, an unforeseen capital ends up in the household budget due to an inheritance. However, it should also be emphasized here that these options are not unique features of the pension loan, but can also be integrated into construction financing from other providers – in some cases even cheaper.

The Wolfdietrich experts advise all future property owners to think about securing building finance, for example through occupational disability or residual debt insurance. With regard to the retirement loan, however, it should be borne in mind that it is a combination product. Combination products can be noticeably more expensive than pure home finance. And even if cautious builders accept the possible additional costs in favor of the insurance benefits offered in the pension loan – the components of a pension loan may be cheaper to get from other providers individually. Those interested in loans should check this in any case.

Conclusion: is a retirement loan worthwhile?

Conclusion: is a retirement loan worthwhile?

In any case, it is advisable to think about additional insurance when concluding a building loan to cover the borrower in the event of unemployment or disability, for example. In the case of offers such as the precautionary loan, however, it should be checked whether not only the mortgage, but also the insurance can be obtained more cheaply from other providers. In general, interested parties should always check beforehand with all combination products whether inexpensive individual parts from different suppliers can be combined to create a cheaper overall package.

Quick credits up to 900 USD

How many times have you been in the situation that you need an extra liquidity ? Probably on more than one occasion you have found that your income is not enough for the expenses (normal, without too many extras) of the day to day. This situation is normal, especially since the economic problems that we have had in recent years in our country.

The economic crisis, the low capacity for saving and the variable income that we have do not allow us, according to which situations, to face any unforeseen event.

With all these characteristics that are not in our favor, it is necessary to carry out a financial adjustment plan in our domestic economy in order to make the best of these ravages, that’s where Cream Bank comes in to satisfy your economic needs.

In this article we will talk about one of the measures preferred by thousands of users that we can take into account if what we want is to have a financial boost at any time and in the fastest possible way.

Cream Bank Quick Credits

Cream Bank Quick Credits

For this we must take into account the quick credits, in this case, from Cream Bank. A credit of this type, unlike the usual ones, is characterized by being very easy to apply for. So much so that we hardly have to file more paperwork than necessary.

In addition, it should be noted how easy it is to carry out the procedure completely online; determine the quantity to order and fill out a form.

Cream Bank is a company that has been operating in the private financial sector for years offering fast loans to people with specific needs. For new customers it offers a maximum of 300 USD with a maximum return period of 30 days.

We highlight the low fees they have, since a loan with the aforementioned conditions would cost you $ 89. In addition, through its own website you can test amounts and terms of return to suit your needs as you see when you can return said credit.

Once you have requested the first loan with Cream Bank, the following may be up to $ 900. It is a way of knowing that you are a solvent and trustworthy client. It is also a way to invite you to continue requesting financing from this company.

If you wonder how long it takes them to make the deposit, Cream Bank ranks as one of the fastest companies in granting fast loans, doing it in just 10 minutes.

Personalization, flexibility and customer service

Personalization, flexibility and customer service

This company offers the possibility of negotiation if, once the maturity of your loan has arrived, you cannot return it. It is a point in favor if you see at any time that you do not arrive in time to return the credit plus the accrued interest.

In addition, taking into account that the fees have not been very high so far, paying a slight penalty for the delay will not entail a large outlay.

But the advantages do not end here. If after you have applied for the loan you need to increase this amount, Cream Bank invites you to contact them so that they can extend it without any problem.

Installment loan without proof of income.

The term installment loan indicates that a consumer loan is repaid in monthly installments. Since the bank has to find out about the borrower’s creditworthiness, in most cases it requests proof of income.

It is striking that lenders are increasingly refraining from providing evidence of their applicants’ income and trusting the information provided in the loan agreement. This procedure makes work easier and enables fast loan payments.

Reasons for not submitting proof of income

Reasons for not submitting proof of income

If banks give an installment loan without proof of income, they can process the loan application more quickly because the verification of submitted pay slips is no longer necessary. Especially when applying for a loan on the Internet and sending the requested documents as a file, there is also the possibility of easy falsification of documents.

This can be made more difficult by the additional request for account statements, which, however, significantly increases the processing effort for a loan application. Particularly in the case of instant loans, the payment of which banks promise to pay within two bank working days after the application, it is common to refrain from submitting proof of income.

Traditionally, mail order companies approve installment payments as a special form of installment loan without proof of income. This does not always apply if you do not process the installment payment directly with the purchaser, but instead arrange for the latter to borrow from a bank.

Honesty is required

Honesty is required

The fact that banks are granting an installment loan without proof of income in more and more cases for pragmatic reasons does not mean that they do not provide regular income. Regardless of the non-verification, the borrower is obliged to provide correct information in the loan application, especially since incorrect information is associated with serious consequences. As long as the borrower pays his installments on a regular basis, deliberately incorrect information is not noticed in the loan application.

However, in the event of irregularities in the loan repayment, the bank listens carefully and subsequently checks the information in the loan application. If she deliberately discovers false claims, she can terminate the loan and request immediate repayment even if the borrower is less than two installments behind. Furthermore, lenders often file a criminal complaint for fraud if they discover false information in the loan application.

In the case of first offenders, the courts take into account that the bank has facilitated fraud by not submitting proof of income and impose a suspended sentence, which is, however, considered a criminal record. Another difficulty with incorrect information in the loan application is that it is the reason for the refusal to discharge the remaining debt after a personal bankruptcy.

It is okay, however, that the borrower gives an installment loan without proof of income in addition to his main income, all secondary income, even if most banks do not take this into account in their household accounts.

Credit without proof of Income.

Looking for a loan with no income? For example, all providers insist on current income, which must be proven by proof of salary. You can now find all well-known providers online. 

Bank account | The bank account blog

Bank account | The bank account blog

Lending from private to private individuals is very attractive as the interest rates are lower than at a house bank and the demands on creditworthiness are lower. In contrast to a bank loan, the loan is granted by a private individual to a private individual. Of course, many people ask themselves whether the offers are serious and whether personal loans are a good investment opportunity.

A borrower logs into one of the portfolios, then describes what the funds are used for, gives a loan amount, the duration and the maximum interest rate that she would pay.

The investors or lenders can then decide for themselves whether and with what amount they will contribute the borrower. For personal loans, there are also websites for personal loans, on which the lenders can apply interest rates. According to the trade journal Finanzztest, smartphones are good protection for investors and Good Finance also opens up a possibility for debtors with a lower credit rating, but with higher costs.

The idea behind the private personal loan is that if the bank refuses, people will support each other. This form is often the last possible opportunity for a private individual to get a loan, especially for certain professional groups. Otherwise, due to the low interest rates, this is simply a cheap option.

There are also situations in which the loan is not the optimal option after the needs of the lender are simply too high and the interest rates of the credit institutions are exceeded. ¿How do private loans work for private individuals? There is the Best Lender website, here every borrower can make an application and Best Lender will find the appropriate loan.

Best Lender reviews both loans from credit institutions and loans from private individuals to private individuals. Everyone has the opportunity to grant or take out a personal loan with us, regardless of whether they are self-employed or employed. Smartphone is a platform and not a database, here a loan from private for private is enforced.

The main advantage is that the borrower can control the interest rate on the personal loan.

The main advantage is that the borrower can control the interest rate on the personal loan.

After the borrower has registered with Smart for free, the loan project is processed in an anonymous form on the credit marketplace. If enough investors were later won over for a property in a bank, the borrower receives the amount paid out. However, it is always important that the borrower has previously approved a credit check because the investor wants to secure his investment and the borrower is protected from excess coverage.

A bank account without Credit Bureau information is a good opportunity to get around unhindered despite inadequate supply. But not every house bank has something to offer. Who has such a deposit without Credit Bureau? On this website you will find interesting information about bank accounts without Credit Bureau: In these days, credit-free living is no longer possible.

Everything is pre-financed. If you have a negative Credit Bureau score or no salary, you are exempt from many things. The question often arises whether a loan without proof of income is possible. You can find information on this in the section Credit without proof of income, but which house bank should assign a loan to someone without a regular and above all a attachable salary?

With regard to the sale of their securities accounts, credit institutions are becoming more and more demanding.

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