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Spring 2014                     VOLUME XX              NUMBER 2                   ISSN 1945-0559

Welcome to Off the Coast, now in its 20th year!

Cover image, Spring 2014 issue, Ride Journal: Joe Waldron

Spring 2014: "Tunneling Toward the Sun," is in production now. Order your copy here.

With poems by Linda Aldrich, Brad Garber, Paul Hostovsky, Len Krisak, Ruth Moon Kempher, Jill Khoury, and others.

Front Cover image: Ride Journal and Back Cover image: Plan Sponsor by Joe Waldron.

Photos by Barbara Bald, Fabio Sassi, Janet Favor, Kathleen Gunton, Kathy Weinberg, Kimberly Callas, Mimi Shapiro, t. kilgore splake, and Nicole Zuckerman.

Books reviewed:

Ellen Jane Powers: In the Spirit of T'ao Ch'ien, Edited by Charles Rossiter

Ellen Jane Powers: Dream-Shuttle by Carolyn Gelland

Moira Richards: Tales of the Fran├žois Vase by Julia Older

Michele Leavitt: Bedding Vows: Love Poems from Outback Maine by Patricia Smith Ranzoni


Christopher Beard is a Doctoral Fellow at the University of North Texas, and the Assistant Poetry Editor for American Literary Review.

Onnyx Bei is a student at University of St. Thomas in Houston. Literary accomplishments include the Susan T. Scanlon Scholarship in Creative Writing and the Danny Lee Lawrence Writing Award for Poetry.

John C. Bennett was a finalist for the 2013 Academy of American Poets University Prize. He has worked for Ploughshares and was the Fall 2011 writer-in-residence at the Inn At The Oaks in Eastham, MA... More...

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Cover image, Winter 2014 issue, Mechanics of Love: Debra Arter

Winter 2014: "Ice Fishing"

With poems by Tara Ballard, Ace Boggess, Ruth Foley, Toni Hanner, Lynn Hoffman, Stephen Malin, Sharon Olson, Joanie Stangeland, Bradley Strahan, C.S. Vincent (youth poet), Sandy Weisman, Harold Whit Williams, and others.

Front Cover image: Mechanics of Love and Back Cover image: Holes in Communication by Debra Arter.

Photos by Tina Garvin, Karen Greenbaum-Maya, Kathleen Gunton, Peter Ingrasselino, Steve Lautermilch, Sierra Schepmann and Sherman Poultney.

Books reviewed:

Richard Aston: All That Remains by Brian Fanelli

Sheila Mullen Twyman: Calendars of Fire by Lee Sharkey

Carl Little: Familiar Ghosts by Henry Hart

Gerald George: Brightness Falls by Ellen Steinbaum

Ellen Jane Powers: Memory Won't Save Me: a haibun by Mimi White

George Magoon: Itching for Combat by Gary Hicks
The Dirt of Despair / Herrumbre de la Desesperanza by Mark Lipman, translated by Antonieta Villamil


Debra Arter teaches printmaking at the Midcoast Printmakers studio. She received her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2008.

Tara Ballard lived in the West Bank for two years, now resides in the Gulf, and returns home to Alaska each summer.

Ace Boggess is the author of The Prisoners (Brick Road Poetry) and The Beautiful Girl Whose Wish Was Not Fulfilled (Highwire, 2003)...More Contributor Notes

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Cover image, Fall 2013 issue, Mindscape 3, watercolor: Prabhu Joshi

The Fall 2013 issue, "This Metonymic Chain," is available now.

With poems by Diana Der-Hovanessian, Victoria Givotovsky, Lynn Hoffman, Romi Jain, Joanne Lowery, Arthur Plotnik, Penelope Schott, Nbada Sibanda, Danny Earle Simmons, and others.

Cover image: Mindscape 3, by Prabhu Joshi.

Photos by Janet Barry, Pete Madzelan, Sammy Saladino, Jr., Fabio Sassi, Emily Strauss, Alan Whiteside and Gina Williams.

Books reviewed:

Carl Little: Epitaphs for the Poets by Wesli Court

Gerald George: Triage by Tam Lin Neville

Sharon Bray: Unguarded Crossing by Bob Brooks

Moira Richards: Piano Notes on Pavement by Hannah Wirth

Sheila Mullen Twyman: Alter Mundus by Lucia Gazzino
translated by Michael Daley

Ellen Jane Powers: My Funeral Gondola by Fiona Sze-Lorrain

Michele Leavitt: Sanctuary by Patricia Monaghan

Gerald George: Boy Singing to Cattle by Mark D. Hart


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Cover image, Summer 2013 issue, photo: Eleanor Leone Bennett

The Summer 2013 issue, "Calling Down Lightning," is available now.

With poems by Teresa Stores, Mark DeCarteret, Elizabeth Kerlikowske, Milton Ehrlich, Lois Marie Harrod, Dwayne Martine, Stephen Kopel, Maria Lipiskova, Drusilla NicGowan, Danny Earle Simmons, Diana Woodcock and others.

Cover images by Elanor Leone Bennett and Christopher Woods.

Photos by Eleanor Leone Bennett, Christopher Woods, Grant Palmer, Sarah Katharina Kayß, Jenna Beaulieu and Fabio Sassi.

Books reviewed:

Gerald George: Sweet Spot by Kenneth Lee

Sharon Bray: Mother's Trails by Holly Guran

Elizabeth Thomas: Brief Term by Lois Marie harrod

Sheila Mullen Twyman: A Little in Love A Lot by Paul Hostovsky

Carl Little: Next to Last Words by Daniel Hoffman

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Cover image, Spring 2013 issue

The Spring 2013 issue, "Graffiti Gospel," is available now.

With poems by Rhina Espaillat, Simon Perchik, Lyn Lifshin, Duane K. Caylor, Sarah Woolf-Wade, David Wagoner, Anna Bat-Chai Wrobel, Bruce Spang and others.

Cover images by Betsy Headley and Anna Mueller.

Photos by Eleanor Leone Bennett, Kathleen Gunton, Cameron MacPhail, Laird Kopp, Janet Favor and others.

Carl Little: Gust by Greg Alan Brownderville

Moira Richards: The Tempest Prognosticator by Isobel Dixon

Richard Aston: Traveling Music by Eric Greinke

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